Christmas ornaments

Exceptional, unique in the style and execution, Czech Christmas Glass mouth-blown, hand-decorated, beaded ornaments have been manufactured in the region of Northern Bohemia over 130 years.

By the end of 19th century the skilled craftsmen started to blow the hollow glass beads. These beads, either freeblown or blown in molds, were made in hundreds of different shapes - balls, olives, eggs, flowers, fruits and many more of the tiniest sizes - from 2mm up to 60mm.

After having been blown, these beads were silver-lined and decorated. Every step of manufacturing has been handmade.
A multitude of tiny hollow beads were hand-assembled onto flexible wires.

To create this beautiful designs, truly piece of art, requires many hours of highly skilled labour.

In Contia´s collection, replicas of traditional old shapes and classic ornaments interpreted in a modern way, as well as the completely new designs created by introducing new techniques of assembling and completely new shapes, such as - Sea World, Space Programme, Set of Animals = ZOO, Sportsmen, Summer Meadow, etc. can be found.

The colour range, as well as the patterns and shapes have always reflected to the fashion trends.

Month-blown, silvered, hand-painted hollow glass beads in tens of different shapes and colours were strung together to create graceful holiday garlands.
Snowflakes, several styles of Snowmen from tiny (2,5 cm) ones to large (15 cm) ones. Snowqueen, snow-owls, sledges, icicles, crystals and frosted winter flowers.Tree of 6 FT.
Traditional molded or free-blown Christmas Ornaments like tree tops, balls, stars, hearts, bells, Santas, Snowmen, various animals, flowers, fishes and birds
Many varieties of Christmas Stars in various sizes and shapes combining different small and medium – sized blown glass beads.
Various animals in sizes from 3 cm to 8 cm – frog, lion, squirrel, owl, bear, hedgehog, elephant, fishes, etc.
Creatures of tropical sea in the wonderful varieties and colours – sea horses, sea stars, fishes, shells rounded and long, octopus, lobsters, crabs.
Tiniest glass hollow beads from 2 mm to 25 mm in various shapes decorated in colourful style, with tree top star and matching garland to create multicolour set for tree of 1FT=30cm.
Birds - molded or free blown glass decorations