Mercury glass

Glass production in the North Bohemian region is dated back to the 16th century.

In 17th century, the special technology of production of glass vases, balls etc., was developed and Mercury glass so called “Farmers´ Silver” came into being.

The beautiful glass decorations of Mercury Glass have been made of double walled glass in different shapes filled inside with special solution, which enables the final products to provide the wonderful beauty of silver with the shinning effects, similar to the mirror.
Based on several centuries long tradition and skills, the manufacturing of Mercury glass has been continuing in our factory till to date.

The current collection comprises of hundreds of different shapes - traditional and fashion ones - of candle holders, vases, bowls, ice cups, ice buckets, glasses etc.

The basic colour is silver. Customers can however select other colours as well, such as red, green , violet, bronze, gold, pale blue, light green etc.

The final product being produced and delivered, should always meet all the wishes and requirements of each client.

Vases, Candle holders, Glasses and bowls in various shapes, sizes and colours.
Garden balls suitable for garden poles and Christmas balls with special hooks, in the diametres from 6 cm to 15 cm, in various colours.

Overview of shapes to download here.